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2 OLEE H20 FREEE lessons HERE JRgenius interNATIONalsCOOLs oleeh20scool --


Colloidal Silver Gold Titanium Water OLEE H2O pt 1



Colloidal Silver, Gold and Titanium Kills Bacteria, Viruses and Fungus

OLEE H20™© ( Oxygen Living Essential Elements) By

We accept Barter and Trade locally.

Colloidal Silver Homemade Generator Kit - HOW TO ASSEMBLE your own  generator

  1. Take 3 9v battery holders and solder them together in series ( + to –) to (+ to –) to (+ to -)
  2. Attach the red + end of battery holder to insulated wire (like phone cable) and to red (+) battery clip
  3. Attach the black ( - ) end of battery holder to insulated wire– end to black (-) battery clip.
  4. Solder all bare wire and cover with electrical tape.  Wrap all 3 battery holder  clips together using electrical tape to prevent damage and short circuiting.
  5. Test with a voltmeter to see if 27V of DC current flows thru the generator after connecting 3 9v batteries.

( car batteries and booster cables can be substituted for the above.  Also pure silver, gold coins will work)

Gold has a higher frequency then silver, while the frequency of titanium is higher than gold. Nothing on planet Earth in microbe form can survive the frequencies of colloidal titanium and colloidal gold, while colloidal silver will destroy nearly all of them.

  1. Use 2 Pure silver wires for electrodes. Wrap pure gold and pure titanium wire around the silver wire. Attach it  to the positive electrode.
  2. The 3 wired  Colloidal +  IONS will flow from the Positive electrode to the negative electrode.
  3. Clip on 3 9v batteries.  Test on voltmeter to see if it reads 27V. 
  4. Use reverse osmosis water (or distilled) if available.  CLEANEST water is KEY!  Ideally, purchase an RO system that connects to your kitchen tap. ( Some systems have UV light)
  5. Put water in a large clear glass jar.
  6. Laser Light test the water.  If the laser shines  thru the water without creating a streak,  then the water is PURE with no particulates.

        Now you can make OLEE H20™©

  1. Attach the silver wires onto the neg and pos alligator clips. On the RED clip (+ positive), wrap the gold and titanium wire around the silver wire.
  2. Suspend the wires in the water ( glass jar), keeping  them apart with a clip or ruler ( at least one inch). DO not get the alligator clips wet. ONLY THE WIRES are in the water.
  3. Put the glass jar with the generator in a dark place. 
  4. Check the colloidal concentration  with a laser light to see if you get a cloudy streak now. (check light beam density every hour).
  5. More ppm concentration in water, longer it takes. (about  l litre / 1 hour is ideal).
  6. The ppm (parts per million) will increase to a point, where eventually you will get too much colloids and it will start to settle out as a precipitate.
  7. Your solution should still look clear, like pure water. The only difference is the cloudy beam of particulates by LASER light testing.

8.  Store in a dark place in a clear container.  (opaque/non-reactive).  A glass jar or a milk jug works fine if stored in a dark place. Brown glass bottles are most ideal.

Ozonate water with UV light  or ozonator  to add more oxygen content.

I make herbal teas with my OLEE H20™© and  drink it freely, about 3 glasses/day. NEVER worry about turning blue, like the medical cartel wants you to believe.

I also sun tan without sunscreen.  The UV light heals your body and also produces vit D. I am NOT BLUE and drinking OLEE H20™© for years/daily.

My cats prefer to drink OLEE H20™© and have noticed more energy and weight normalcy in the older cat, after I put her on OLEE H20™©.

Candida is a fungus that is a culprit for bloating, fatigue and weight gain.

Titanium and Gold fused quartz crystals in RO water can also help to stabilize and purify water. 

See videos at for demonstrations and other details/products. for any questions or concerns. Blessings and MUCH Health and Happiness to all of you. Dana Horochowski


Medical applications of Colloidal Silver

Acne,Dandruff, Lyme Disease,Septic conditions (of eyes, ears, mouth & throat), AIDS, Dermatitis, Lymphagitis, Septicemia, Allergies, Diabetes, Malaria, Shingles, Appendicitis, Diphtheria, Meningitis, Skin cancer, Arthritis, Dysentery, Moles, Skin rashes, Athlete’s Foot, Ear infections, Neurasthenia, Sore Throat, Bacteria, all forms, Ebola, Parasitic infections, Staph infections, Bladder infection, Eczema, Pavo virus,
Stomach flu, Bleeding gums, Encephalitis, Plant viruses & fungi, Stomach ulcer, Blepharitis, Fibrositis, Pleurisy, Strep infection, Blood Parasites, Flu, Pneumonia (viral, fungal & bacterial), Syphilis, Blood poisoning, Furunculosis, Prostate, Thrush (yeast infection), Boils, Gastritis, Pruritis, Thyroid Bubonic Plague, Gingivitis, Psoriasis, Tonsillitis, Burns, Gonorrhea, Purulent Ophthalmia, Tooth decay (neutralize), Cancer, Halitosis, Pyorrhea, Toxemia, Candida, (yeast infection), Hay Fever, Quinsy, Trachoma, Canine parovirus, Hemorrhoids, Rheumatism, Trench foot, Canker Sore, Hepatitis, Rhinitis, Tuberculosis, Chilblains, Herpes, Ringworm, Ulcerated Stomach, (ulcers), Cholera, Impetigo, Rosacea, Venereal diseases, Chronic fatigue, Indigestion, SARS Virus, all forms, Colds, Keratitis, Scabies, Warts, Colitis, Leprosy, Scarlet Fever
West Nile Virus, Conjunctivitis, Leukemia, Scarletina, Whooping Cough, Cystitis, Lupus, Seborrhea, Yeast infection.

Edited from-The Bellringer Writings -- The Phoenix Journal/Contact Newspaper Archive site is at -- (This publication is Luciferian, so be careful of RA and his LEGIONS/ Religion)

11 06 09 Watch out CANADA, during January and February 2010, after a toxic, sugar, alcohol ( low oxygen state), stressful Christmas and then global reunion at the OLYMPICS.

Vaccine Pandemic Genocide Videos and Solutions to the Genocide Playlist


Prevention and a healthy lifestyle with whole foods, clean water/air and exercise is Key.

Oxygenation and positive frequency solutions like colloidal silver, Oxygenation of the Skin, by soaking in oxygen bleach or hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) in the nose and ears.

Drinking water with 32% food grade h2o2 (32% h2o2 for sprouting seeds has been removed from many health stores to keep you toxic).

UV light to ozone (O3) to h2o2 is how it is made in water. Aquarium Fish stores will have this light system to clean their tanks. Ozonators are at

Make a zapper (+ DC current deactivates viruses and other negative microbes) or purchase one at,

Home Made Colloidal Generator The red (+) connection to the silver is where the atoms are ripped off the silver and suspended as a positive charge +. The virus in the DNA is a negative charge (-). The Higher the VOLTAGE, the smaller the + ions, thus allowing for ready transmission to all cell organelles.

The DNA is Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and some viruses.

Adding the ozone ( O3) with the (+) positive charged silver water colloid, places a (+) positive charge on the water and throughout the blood after you drink the colloidal silver ozone mix. The (+)ozone and (+)silver are combined to pass into the DNA via the RNA wall of the cell, killing the anaerobic virus in the DNA, thus restoring the DNA to normal and the cell recovers.

This will kill the swine flu or bird flu virus. The UN or USA will soon spread the Spanish Flu, which is much worse and more deadly. It killed 55 million after WW1 when soldiers we re vaccinated and took the virus in their blood back to their home nations then it broke out.

The EVIL Vatican/British controlled governments and MEDIA WHORES are promoting the inoculation of the innocent masses with the live, deadly, triple viral, toxic, adjuvant laced vaccine, that carries a MICROCHIP which can demonically possess you (

BUY PURE TITANIUM WIRE, since NO VIRUS Survives this frequency. It is also MUCH CHEAPER than gold wire. see Reptilian Dracos cannot handle the frequency vibration of titanium also. Hopefully it will help take them DOWN! Alex Collier states that UV light will deactivate Microchips, but this CHIP (Mark of the BEAST) is different, says Shriner.

Jr Genius- About Colloidal Silver pdf or doc // See other free lessons here and Cure All Disease

// Jrgenius com OLEE H2O Water and Dream Cream Pt 2 OLEE H2O Colloidal Silver Gold Titanium Water and Dream Creams, fun at home with cold pressed oil like extra virgin olive oil to make home creams. Beeswax and coconut oil to make chapsticks, aromatherapy and water ( Olee water) for your own perfumes. Need to redo video since cut off early.



Colloidal Silver Gold Titanium Water OLEE H2O ( Oxygen, Living Essential Elements Water) demonstration with Silver Pulsar first and showing survival components such as Oxygen Bleach,

Gold plated or Titanium Plated quartz crystals which rebalance the water. Herbal teas, back to ways of Mother Earth, Survival, going local and global thru barter and trade. for gold quartz crystals, , colloidal wire global company see,


Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Healing Diet & Protocol- CANCER IS EASILY
, the treatment is dietary/lifestyle, the response is immediate;
the cancer cell is weak and vulnerable; the precise biochemical breakdown point was identified by her in 1951 Playlist



Fascinating demonstration of a new energy invention with the potential to vastly transform our world. Using only magnets, two plastic strips, and securing components, this video clip shows how a freestanding device can be built to generate power using nothing but natural magnetic forces. This is only a proof of concept video. There are many variables to be worked out, but the potential is clearly demonstrated. If you take the small model in the video and extend it for 20 feet upwards or so, the magnet should easily jump up 12 feet or more. A simple device could then pull the magnet off the track dropping it down and thus generating energy through gravity by passing through one or more rotors. Double the length and get twice the energy. After dropping, a curved track at the bottom could then slip the magnet right back into the bottom of the device where magnetism would again pull it up, thereby creating perpetual motion while generating power. A circular track might also create a similar effect. Any tinkerers want to play this one and potentially transform our world? For more on the origin, specifications, and future development ideas of this project, see

We ask you to spread the word and help to make this exciting project a reality. License is hereby granted for this invention. You are free to copy it, alter it, develop it, and include it in any non-commercial applications free of charge. Invite your friends and colleagues to work on it with you. If you do find a way to make a commercially viable product using this concept and profit financially from it -- and we hope you will -- then as an acknowledgment for our help in creating something useful, send us a royalty fee of ten percent of sales for units actually sold at the above website. We offer this powerful concept and demonstration into the creative commons. For more on this, please consult the website and look under their licensing section. Let's join our forces and work together to transform our world for the good of all of us! also see CANADA's own, teslacoils2001- Broadcast your self LIVE,




This is just the first, very basic, simple, do this at home, "proof of concept" design. From here onwards, obviously there are many possibilities. But here is the key design specification that we have discovered and want people to know about:

ALL OF THE MAGNETS--with the sole exception of the traveling magnet-- have their poles oriented exactly the same: PERPENDICULAR to the direction of travel of the traveling magnet.(Say, all of the stacks of magnets have their North pole facing up. Then the traveling shuttle magnet has its North pole facing down. And it moves, is pushed along, on an "East-West" plane of travel.

For centuries, people have been trying to find a design that made use of the obvious very strong push-pull of the North South poles. The insight genius of this design is that, counter-intuitively, it does NOT try to use this main axis of magnetization as its direction of travel, but instead runs along on the energy in the far weaker (but-still-able-to-be-added-onto, cumulatively, indefinitely...) "East-West" plane (perpendicular to North-South axis). We have oriented the stacks at about 60 degrees to the direction of travel. And this will demonstrate the effect nicely. For an even more dramatic effect, build a trackway where the stacks which are at sixty degrees to the direction of travel alternate with stacks that are placed flush up against and parallel to the direction of travel.


Time for YOU to start the NEW PARADIGM in your COMMUNITY. Follow us! The WAMPUM WAY.



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